Kunuurra Waringarri Aboriginal Corporation

Kunuurra Waringarri Aboriginal Corporation

Financial Systems Assessment Kununurra Waringarri Aboriginal Corp

Sometimes, following the movements of Matrix people illustrates the way each of our services can complement the others. All of our services are developed with our goal of strengthening non-profit organisations in mind, and Matrix people show an impressive capacity to collaborate across locations and service areas to best fulfil our clients’ needs.

Relationship Built through Education and Training

Kununurra Waringarri Aboriginal Corporation have been working with Matrix on Board for a few years. Our Broome Office had built a relationship with Waringarri while providing Financial Literacy Education and Training to support Money Management services by Waringarri.

When Waringarri decided recently they could strengthen their organisation by performing a Financial Systems Assessment, Matrix offered the expertise needed. A Client Manager in Financial Management traveled from our Sydney office to Kununurra in the eastern extremity of the Kimberley to collaborate with the Broome office.

Remote Organisation Financial Management Needs

The Broome office’s thorough understanding of Waringarri and Sydney’s expertise in Cloud Accounting™ with remote organisations and their Financial Management needs proved an effective combination. The team spent two days interviewing staff and board members and reviewing financial documents and then was able to submit a detailed, informed assessment including issues and recommendations to Waringarri.

Matrix on Board believe in going the extra mile to support our clients. Sometimes that means actually hitting the road. Other times that means testing innovations or thinking creatively about how we work to offer our services or how our clients might work to realise their missions. Our goal is to help non-­‐profit organisations and social enterprises make the biggest impact in their communities.



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