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Nonprofits Warned on Privacy and Data Security

by Grant Lavac on March 27, 2012

Data security has emerged as a major challenge for organisations and agencies across Australia, according to the Australian Privacy Commission.

Australian Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, has told the Emerging Challenges in Privacy Law Conference that in the modern world of cloud computing, portable storage devices, electronic databases and hackers, the parameters around data security and document storage have shifted immeasurably.

Pilgrim said organisations should make sure their privacy practices are up to date and customers’ personal information is secure to avoid embarrassing privacy breaches in 2012.

“Sometimes, your records can be compromised even without a careless mistake and data security has emerged as a major challenge for organisations and agencies.

“Organisations must ensure that they have implemented robust information-security measures. But this alone is not enough. Data breaches can occur even when all reasonable steps have been taken to protect information.

“Organisations and agencies need to have contingency plans in place so that if a data breach occurs, they can deal with it swiftly, mitigating any risk of harm that the breach may cause.

Not for Profits will be a focus for the Privacy Commission during Privacy Awareness Week 2012 which is held from April 30 – May 5.

Click here to read the full article.

For nonprofit boards of directors, security is paramount! While most popular board portals available on the market today employ robust security measures to protect your data, it’s imperative that you know what those safeguards are.

BoardEffect includes several layers of security to keep your information and materials safe and secure:

  • Hosted in a SAS 70 Type II and Safe Harbor certified managed hosting facility (Rackspace).
  • Partnering with nine network providers to provide multiple redundancies in information flow to and from data centers and end users.
  • Data is stored on an encrypted data server located in a fire-walled private network.
  • 2048 bit SSL encryption to protect any information sent between the server and your web browser.
  • 24/7 server uptime and port monitoring.
  • Supports your password policy and your password standards, including how often to change passwords, password expiration and lock-out after a number of failed login attempts.

Nonprofit boards of directors can rest assured that BoardEffect has them covered.

For more information on how we ensure BoardEffect is secure, download the BoardEffect Network Layout Infographic (click on graphic) or click here for a security feature breakdown.

Article source: Pro Bono



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