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BoardEffect Feature of the Month: Live Talk

by Grant Lavac on March 2, 2012

In BoardEffect, the Live Talk feature is designed to work in conjunction with a conference call to facilitate real-time, online meetings for a committee or the entire board.

Live Talk exists in both the Board Home — for use by the whole board — as well as in each Committee Workroom to facilitate committee conference calls. Administrators have the ability to create, manage and delete Live Talk sessions, whereas regular users have the ability to join a Live Talk session in progress.

To create a new Live Talk session, click on “Live Talk” on the left side of the screen. Click on “Create a New Session” in the upper right corner. Give your Live Talk session a title and a brief description. Use the calendar icons to select the dates and times when the Live Talk session will begin and end. To change the date, select the appropriate year and month from the drop-down menus, click on the date you wish to select, select the time from the drop-down menus for hour and minutes, then click “Ok.”

If you want to add an announcement about your Live Talk session to the BoardEffect Daily Digest check the box marked “Add to Alerts List.” Click “Save” to create the Live Talk session.

For more information on how your board can benefit from the Live Talk feature within BoardEffect, navigate to the “Training Videos/Webinars” located in the HELP section of your BoardEffect portal.


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